Coding Checks

ArrayTrailingComma Checks that array initialization contains a trailing comma.
AvoidDoubleBraceInitialization Detects double brace initialization.
AvoidInlineConditionals Detects inline conditionals.
AvoidNoArgumentSuperConstructorCall Checks if call to superclass constructor without arguments is present.
ConstructorsDeclarationGrouping Checks that all constructors are grouped together.
CovariantEquals Checks that classes and records which define a covariant equals() method also override method equals(Object).
DeclarationOrder Checks that the parts of a class, record, or interface declaration appear in the order suggested by the Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language.
DefaultComesLast Check that the default is after all the cases in a switch statement.
EmptyStatement Detects empty statements (standalone ";" semicolon).
EqualsAvoidNull Checks that any combination of String literals is on the left side of an equals() comparison.
EqualsHashCode Checks that classes that either override equals() or hashCode() also overrides the other.
ExplicitInitialization Checks if any class or object member is explicitly initialized to default for its type value (null for object references, zero for numeric types and char and false for boolean.
FallThrough Checks for fall-through in switch statements.
FinalLocalVariable Checks that local variables that never have their values changed are declared final.
HiddenField Checks that a local variable or a parameter does not shadow a field that is defined in the same class.
IllegalCatch Checks that certain exception types do not appear in a catch statement.
IllegalInstantiation Checks for illegal instantiations where a factory method is preferred.
IllegalThrows Checks that specified types are not declared to be thrown.
IllegalToken Checks for illegal tokens.
IllegalTokenText Checks specified tokens text for matching an illegal pattern.
IllegalType Checks that particular classes or interfaces are never used.
InnerAssignment Checks for assignments in subexpressions, such as in String s = Integer.toString(i = 2);.
MagicNumber Checks that there are no "magic numbers" where a magic number is a numeric literal that is not defined as a constant.
MatchXpath Evaluates Xpath query and report violation on all matching AST nodes.
MissingCtor Checks that classes (except abstract ones) define a constructor and don't rely on the default one.
MissingSwitchDefault Checks that switch statement has a default clause.
ModifiedControlVariable Checks that for loop control variables are not modified inside the for block.
MultipleStringLiterals Checks for multiple occurrences of the same string literal within a single file.
MultipleVariableDeclarations Checks that each variable declaration is in its own statement and on its own line.
NestedForDepth Restricts nested for blocks to a specified depth.
NestedIfDepth Restricts nested if-else blocks to a specified depth.
NestedTryDepth Restricts nested try-catch-finally blocks to a specified depth.
NoArrayTrailingComma Checks that array initialization do not contain a trailing comma.
NoClone Checks that the clone method is not overridden from the Object class.
NoEnumTrailingComma Checks that enum definition does not contain a trailing comma.
NoFinalizer Checks that there is no method finalize with zero parameters.
OneStatementPerLine Checks that there is only one statement per line.
OverloadMethodsDeclarationOrder Checks that overloaded methods are grouped together.
PackageDeclaration Ensures that a class has a package declaration, and (optionally) whether the package name matches the directory name for the source file.
ParameterAssignment Disallows assignment of parameters.
RequireThis Checks that references to instance variables and methods of the present object are explicitly of the form "this.varName" or "this.methodName(args)" and that those references don't rely on the default behavior when "this." is absent.
ReturnCount Restricts the number of return statements in methods, constructors and lambda expressions.
SimplifyBooleanExpression Checks for over-complicated boolean expressions.
SimplifyBooleanReturn Checks for over-complicated boolean return statements.
StringLiteralEquality Checks that string literals are not used with == or !=.
SuperClone Checks that an overriding clone() method invokes super.clone().
SuperFinalize Checks that an overriding finalize() method invokes super.finalize().
UnnecessaryParentheses Checks if unnecessary parentheses are used in a statement or expression.
UnnecessarySemicolonAfterOuterTypeDeclaration Checks if unnecessary semicolon is used after type declaration.
UnnecessarySemicolonAfterTypeMemberDeclaration Checks if unnecessary semicolon is used after type member declaration.
UnnecessarySemicolonInEnumeration Checks if unnecessary semicolon is in enum definitions.
UnnecessarySemicolonInTryWithResources Checks if unnecessary semicolon is used in last resource declaration.
UnusedLocalVariable Checks that a local variable is declared and/or assigned, but not used.
VariableDeclarationUsageDistance Checks the distance between declaration of variable and its first usage.