Miscellaneous Checks

ArrayTypeStyle Checks the style of array type definitions.
AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters Restricts using Unicode escapes (such as \u221e).
CommentsIndentation Controls the indentation between comments and surrounding code.
DescendantToken Checks for restricted tokens beneath other tokens.
FinalParameters Checks that parameters for methods, constructors, catch and for-each blocks are final.
Indentation Checks correct indentation of Java code.
NewlineAtEndOfFile Checks whether files end with a line separator.
NoCodeInFile Checks whether file contains code.
OrderedProperties Detects if keys in properties files are in correct order.
OuterTypeFilename Checks that the outer type name and the file name match.
TodoComment Checks for TODO: comments.
TrailingComment The check to ensure that lines with code do not end with comment.
Translation Ensures the correct translation of code by checking property files for consistency regarding their keys.
UncommentedMain Detects uncommented main methods.
UniqueProperties Detects duplicated keys in properties files.
UpperEll Checks that long constants are defined with an upper ell.