Since Checkstyle 8.24


Checks that a javadoc block tag appears only at the beginning of a line, ignoring leading asterisks and white space. A block tag is a token that starts with @ symbol and is preceded by a whitespace. This check ignores block tags in comments and inside inline tags {@code } and {@literal }.

Rationale: according to the specification all javadoc block tags should be placed at the beginning of a line. Tags that are not placed at the beginning are treated as plain text. To recognize intentional tag placement to text area it is better to escape the @ symbol, and all non-escaped tags should be located at the beginning of the line. See NOTE section for details on how to escape.


To place a tag explicitly as text, escape the @ symbol with HTML entity @ or place it inside {@code }, for example:

 * @serial literal in {@code @serial} Javadoc tag.


name description type default value since
tags Specify the javadoc tags to process. String[] author, deprecated, exception, hidden, param, provides, return, see, serial, serialData, serialField, since, throws, uses, version 8.24
violateExecutionOnNonTightHtml Control when to print violations if the Javadoc being examined by this check violates the tight html rules defined at Tight-HTML Rules. boolean false 8.24


To configure the default check:

<module name="Checker">
  <module name="TreeWalker">
    <module name="JavadocBlockTagLocation"/>


 * Escaped tag &#64;version (OK)
 * Plain text with {@code @see} (OK)
 * A @custom tag (OK)

To configure the check to verify tags from JEP 8068562 only:

<module name="Checker">
  <module name="TreeWalker">
    <module name="JavadocBlockTagLocation">
      <property name="tags" value="apiNote, implSpec, implNote"/>

To configure the check to verify all default tags and some custom tags in addition:

<module name="JavadocBlockTagLocation">
  <!-- default tags -->
  <property name="tags" value="author, deprecated, exception, hidden"/>
  <property name="tags" value="param, provides, return, see, serial"/>
  <property name="tags" value="serialData, serialField, since, throws"/>
  <property name="tags" value="uses, version"/>
  <!-- additional tags used in the project -->
  <property name="tags" value="noinspection"/>

Example of Usage

Violation Messages

All messages can be customized if the default message doesn't suit you. Please see the documentation to learn how to.


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