Class SummaryJavadocCheck

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Configurable, Contextualizable

    public class SummaryJavadocCheck
    extends AbstractJavadocCheck

    Checks that Javadoc summary sentence does not contain phrases that are not recommended to use. Summaries that contain only the {@inheritDoc} tag are skipped. Summaries that contain a non-empty {@return} are allowed. Check also violate Javadoc that does not contain first sentence, though with {@return} a period is not required as the Javadoc tool adds it.

    • Property forbiddenSummaryFragments - Specify the regexp for forbidden summary fragments. Type is java.util.regex.Pattern. Default value is "^$".
    • Property period - Specify the period symbol at the end of first javadoc sentence. Type is java.lang.String. Default value is ".".
    • Property violateExecutionOnNonTightHtml - Control when to print violations if the Javadoc being examined by this check violates the tight html rules defined at Tight-HTML Rules. Type is boolean. Default value is false.

    Parent is

    Violation Message Keys:

    • javadoc.missed.html.close
    • javadoc.parse.rule.error
    • javadoc.unclosedHtml
    • javadoc.wrong.singleton.html.tag
    • summary.first.sentence
    • summary.javaDoc
    • summary.javaDoc.missing
    • summary.javaDoc.missing.period