Class SuppressWarningsFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Configurable, Contextualizable, Filter

    public class SuppressWarningsFilter
    extends AbstractAutomaticBean
    implements Filter

    Filter SuppressWarningsFilter uses annotation @SuppressWarnings to suppress audit events.

    Rationale: Same as for SuppressionCommentFilter. In the contrary to it here, comments are not used comments but the builtin syntax of @SuppressWarnings. This can be perceived as a more elegant solution than using comments. Also, this approach maybe supported by various IDE.

    Usage: This filter only works in conjunction with a SuppressWarningsHolder, since that check finds the annotations in the Java files and makes them available for the filter. Because of that, a configuration that includes this filter must also include SuppressWarningsHolder as a child module of the TreeWalker. Name of check in annotation is case-insensitive and should be written with any dotted prefix or "Check" suffix removed.

    SuppressWarningsFilter can suppress Checks that have Treewalker or Checker as parent module.

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        public boolean accept​(AuditEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: Filter
        Determines whether or not a filtered AuditEvent is accepted.
        Specified by:
        accept in interface Filter
        event - the AuditEvent to filter.
        true if the event is accepted.