Class BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter

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    BeforeExecutionFileFilter, Configurable, Contextualizable

    public final class BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter
    extends AutomaticBean
    implements BeforeExecutionFileFilter

    File filter BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter decides which files should be excluded from being processed by the utility.

    By default, Checkstyle includes all files and subdirectories in a directory to be processed and checked for violations. Users could have files that are in these subdirectories that shouldn't be processed with their checkstyle configuration for various reasons, one of which is a valid Java file that won't pass Checkstyle's parser. When Checkstyle tries to parse a Java file and fails, it will throw an Exception and halt parsing any more files for violations. An example of a valid Java file Checkstyle can't parse is JDK 9's This file filter will exclude these problem files from being parsed, allowing the rest of the files to run normal and be validated.

    Note: When a file is excluded from the utility, it is excluded from all Checks and no testing for violations will be performed on them.

    • Property fileNamePattern - Define regular expression to match the file name against. Type is java.util.regex.Pattern. Default value is null.

    To configure the filter to exclude all '' files:

     <module name="BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter">
       <property name="fileNamePattern" value="module\-info\.java$"/>

    To configure the filter to run only on required files for example that ends with "Remote" or end with "Client" in names or named as "" or "" use negative lookahead:

     <module name="BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter">
       <property name="fileNamePattern"

    To configure the filter to exclude all Test folder files:

     <module name="BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter">
       <property name="fileNamePattern"

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      • setFileNamePattern

        public void setFileNamePattern​(Pattern fileNamePattern)
        Setter to define regular expression to match the file name against.
        fileNamePattern - regular expression of the excluded file.
      • finishLocalSetup

        protected void finishLocalSetup()
        Description copied from class: AutomaticBean
        Provides a hook to finish the part of this component's setup that was not handled by the bean introspection.

        The default implementation does nothing.

        Specified by:
        finishLocalSetup in class AutomaticBean