Class CommentSuppressor

    • Constructor Detail

      • CommentSuppressor

        CommentSuppressor​(FileContents currentContents)
        Constructor for this suppressor.
        currentContents - content of checked file.
    • Method Detail

      • shouldSuppress

        public boolean shouldSuppress​(int startLineNo,
                                      int startColNo,
                                      int endLineNo,
                                      int endColNo)
        Description copied from interface: MatchSuppressor
        Checks if the specified selection should be suppressed.
        Specified by:
        shouldSuppress in interface MatchSuppressor
        startLineNo - the starting line number
        startColNo - the starting column number
        endLineNo - the ending line number
        endColNo - the ending column number
        true if the positions intersects with a comment.