Class BooleanExpressionComplexityCheck

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Configurable, Contextualizable

    public final class BooleanExpressionComplexityCheck
    extends AbstractCheck

    Restricts the number of boolean operators (&&, ||, &, | and ^) in an expression.

    Rationale: Too many conditions leads to code that is difficult to read and hence debug and maintain.

    Note that the operators & and | are not only integer bitwise operators, they are also the non-shortcut versions of the boolean operators && and ||.

    Note that &, | and ^ are not checked if they are part of constructor or method call because they can be applied to non-boolean variables and Checkstyle does not know types of methods from different classes.

    • Property max - Specify the maximum number of boolean operations allowed in one expression. Type is int. Default value is 3.
    • Property tokens - tokens to check Type is java.lang.String[]. Validation type is tokenSet. Default value is: LAND, BAND, LOR, BOR, BXOR.

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    Violation Message Keys:

    • booleanExpressionComplexity