Class MissingOverrideCheck

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Configurable, Contextualizable

    public final class MissingOverrideCheck
    extends AbstractCheck

    Verifies that the @Override annotation is present when the @inheritDoc javadoc tag is present.

    Rationale: The @Override annotation helps compiler tools ensure that an override is actually occurring. It is quite easy to accidentally overload a method or hide a static method and using the @Override annotation points out these problems.

    This check will log a violation if using the @inheritDoc tag on a method that is not valid (ex: private, or static method).

    There is a slight difference between the @Override annotation in Java 5 versus Java 6 and above. In Java 5, any method overridden from an interface cannot be annotated with @Override. In Java 6 this behavior is allowed.

    As a result of the aforementioned difference between Java 5 and Java 6, a property called javaFiveCompatibility is available. This property will only check classes, interfaces, etc. that do not contain the extends or implements keyword or are not anonymous classes. This means it only checks methods overridden from java.lang.Object. Java 5 Compatibility mode severely limits this check. It is recommended to only use it on Java 5 source.

    • Property javaFiveCompatibility - Enable java 5 compatibility mode. Type is boolean. Default value is false.

    Parent is

    Violation Message Keys:

    • annotation.missing.override
    • tag.not.valid.on