Class SuppressionsStringPrinter

  • public final class SuppressionsStringPrinter
    extends Object
    Class for constructing xpath queries to suppress nodes with specified line and column number.
    • Method Detail

      • printSuppressions

        public static String printSuppressions​(File file,
                                               String suppressionLineColumnNumber,
                                               int tabWidth)
                                        throws IOException,
        Prints generated suppressions.
        file - the file to process.
        suppressionLineColumnNumber - line and column number of the suppression
        tabWidth - length of the tab character
        generated suppressions.
        IOException - if the file could not be read.
        IllegalStateException - if suppressionLineColumnNumber is not of a valid format.
        CheckstyleException - if the file is not a Java source.
      • generate

        private static String generate​(FileText fileText,
                                       DetailAST detailAST,
                                       int lineNumber,
                                       int columnNumber,
                                       int tabWidth)
        Creates XpathQueryGenerator instance and generates suppressions.
        fileText - FileText object.
        detailAST - DetailAST object.
        lineNumber - line number.
        columnNumber - column number.
        tabWidth - length of the tab character.
        generated suppressions.